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Wisper ISP, LLC Builds Community Relationships in Barton County, MO

Wisper ISP, LLC Builds Community Relationships in Barton County, MO 
Barton County, MO (September 1, 2021) – Wisper ISP, LLC is celebrating 8 months of service in Barton County Missouri, after originally launching several towers in Lamar, Golden City, and Irwin, MO in January of 2021.

Wisper’s service in the area has been well received. “I was very glad that Wisper came into this area,” said Tom Williams of Lamar, MO. “because of Wisper I was able to drop DirecTV. It's nice to be able to stream so many different movies and programs. Wisper has been very reliable, and I don't have any complaints.”

Wisper has been active in the Barton County community, hosting a scavenger hunt for customers featuring local landmarks as well as sponsoring a local youth baseball team.

Since the launch of their towers in January, Wisper has added over 800 new customers in Barton County, courtesy of the CAF II program.  CAF II was a rural broadband auction held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2018. Rural internet provider, Wisper Internet, was named the winner of $220.3 million in the auction; funds were allocated across the following six states: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Eligible residents can receive the following speeds and prices:
Surf: 10 Mbps for $65/month
Surf Plus: 15 Mbps for $80/month
Surf Preferred: 25 Mbps for $90/month
Surf Pro: 50 Mbps for $100/month
Surf Extreme: 100 Mbps for $105/month

To determine service eligibility, contact the Wisper Sales Team at (800) 765-7772 or

Wisper has partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for their Lifeline Program, as well as the Emergency Broadband Benefits Program. The Lifeline program offers discounted service for low-income households. If you believe you are eligible for the Lifeline Program and would like to apply, please visit: The Emergency Broadband Benefits Program offers eligible households monthly service discounts up to $50, as well as credit for the purchase of eligible devices. If approved, you will receive an approval letter. To receive the discount, the approval letter will need to be emailed to

Wisper ISP, LLC is a Wireless Internet Service Provider with 180 employees and 20,000 subscribers across Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Wisper is based out of Mascoutah, IL, in the St. Louis Metro Area, with regional offices in Joplin and Washington, MO. Wisper customers in rural and metropolitan communities receive fast, reliable service and friendly, helpful customer service.


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