New CoxHealth providers begin serving patients in Barton County

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April 2, 2019
New CoxHealth providers begin serving patients in Barton County
Two new providers recently joined CoxHealth, and are now serving patients in Barton County.
One of those individuals is Julie Connor, a nurse practitioner who now serves at CoxHealth Center Golden City.
Julie comes to the clinic with around 20 years of experience in health care – and from many different areas of the profession. She started in Carthage, where she trained as a certified nursing assistant while still in high school.
“While I can’t pinpoint an exact moment when I decided to work in health care, I think a lot of it had to do with my grandfather, who had cancer,” she says. “I was really close to him, and I saw how health care professionals helped him. I wanted to do the same for others.”
Years were spent growing through the ranks before becoming a nurse practitioner, which means she is able to treat a wide variety of patients’ health concerns.
Today, she is very glad to serve patients in the community with all of their health care needs.
“I’ve always just liked helping people,” says Julie. “It’s wonderful to work in a small community, and to get to know families as you care for them.”
To make an appointment with Julie, patients should simply call the clinic at (417) 537-4311.

Another face new to CoxHealth – but not new to Barton County – is Leisa Blanchard.
Blanchard, also a nurse practitioner, grew up in the area and actually started her career at the Lamar hospital. Over her first 25 years there, she did little bit of everything, including home health.
“In rural hospitals, you get to serve patients in many different ways,” she says.
After working outside Lamar for a period of time, she was excited to come home for her current role as a nurse practitioner. Today, she primarily serves patients in area nursing homes.
“I really missed being here,” she says. “It’s a great place, and I enjoy being able to take care of the community. I’m glad to be home.”
The role is especially rewarding since she often treats individuals she has known for much of her life, and that she simply she gets to serve others.
“Not everyone is cut out to be in health care,” she says. “I think it’s God’s gift, and He wants you to use it for good.”