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Cox Barton County employees awarded PARTNERS Spirit awards

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Jan. 20, 2020
Cox Barton County employees awarded PARTNERS Spirit awards
CoxHealth is now recognizing employees at Cox Barton County Hospital for going above and beyond through its PARTNERS Spirit Awards program. The PARTNERS Spirit award is a formal recognition program for an employee, volunteer or student who has made a significant contribution to the benefit of CoxHealth, an individual or the community. The award’s name is an acronym for the values CoxHealth employees strive to show every day: Positive Attitude, Accountable, Responsive, Teamwork, No Excuses, Exemplary, Responsibility and Service.
Two Cox Barton County employees are the first at the hospital to be honored with PARTNERS awards. The honorees received the awards at a celebration held earlier this month. 

Cean Cornish, RN, Clinical Application Specialist - (from the nomination): “Cean is a true health care champion. Last year presented numerous opportunities and challenges for Cox Barton County. During this time of integration, a great opportunity came forth to start utilizing telemedicine for hospitalist night coverage. This would prove to be a crucial piece of the puzzle to partner with our daytime providers. Cean went above and beyond to become the project champion with training providers, learning the technical side of this service, credentialing physicians, and working numerous late nights to ensure the program started and continued without issues. I never once heard her complain about the added responsibilities, and on numerous occasions, we had to encourage her to go home to rest. She never asked for anything in return; but deserves all the credit that comes her way. Cean continues to be an invaluable part of Cox Barton County and our success.”

Sandra Dickey, Environmental Services - (from the nomination): “On my first day of work at Cox Barton County, I was waiting for the pharmacy to open. I was not wearing my name badge or anything that indicated I was an employee. Sandra warmly welcomed me and asked if I needed anything. She asked me if I wanted coffee, and before I could answer, she ran off and came back with a large cup. She then proceeded to tell me how nice a place Cox Barton County is, and that I would enjoy working here. Again, she did not know who I was or why I was at the hospital. This was a spontaneous display of the kind of person that she is—we should all aspire to follow her example.”

For more information about the recognition program, or to nominate an individual, please click here
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Cean Cornish, RN                                            Sandra Dickey, Environmental Services

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