Commission Meeting Minutes November-26-2018

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November 26, 2018
November 26, 2018                                                            
 8th Day                                                                 
October Term

NOW ON THIS DAY THE COUNTY COMMISSION met pursuant to law in the Courthouse in the City of Lamar, MO.
  • Ben Reed moved to accept the minutes of the November 16, 2018 meeting as read. Jeff Tucker seconded and all agreed.
  • Approved November Expenditures
  • Approved November Payroll
  • County Commission met with Frank Leivan, Golden City Township, concerning the Wind Energy Project. He was also present when the Commission met with Drew Landoll and Shaen Rooney from Empire to sign the Road Use and Maintenance Agreement for the Wind Energy Project.
  • A tele-conference was held with Brent Hugh, MoDot Bike Federation; Brian Effland, MoDot Bicycle Division; Patrick Tuttle, Joplin Business Bureau and Nikki Hill, Truman Coordinating Council to discuss the Commissioners concerns with the Bike Route going through Barton County on Hwy 126.
  • Yearly bids will be opened at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 26th.
Present were:  Mike Davis, Presiding Commissioner; Ben Reed, District One Commissioner; Jeff Tucker, District Two Commissioner and Kristina Crockett, County Clerk