Commission Meeting Minutes Aug-19-2019

August 19, 2019                                                                   
8th Day                                                                    
July Term

NOW ON THIS DAY THE COUNTY COMMISSION met pursuant to law in the Courthouse in the City of Lamar, MO.
Ben Reed moved to accept the minutes of the August 5, 2019 meeting as read. Jeff Tucker seconded and all agreed.
Jeff Tucker moved to accept the minutes of the August 12, 2019 meeting as read. Mike Davis seconded and all agreed.

  • Approved August Expenditures
  • County Commission met with Prosecuting Attorney, Mike Smalley, and held a discussion on the Road Use Agreement with the Townships and Tenaska.
  • County Commission met with Joe Meadows, Gene Banwart, Lawrence Luthi, Joel Dermott, Darren Braker, Jerry Braker, Jennifer Ryan, Matt Dumm and Kerry Rose and held a discussion on the Wind Energy Project.
  • Information was received that Tom England resigned his position on the Road & Bridge Crew effective August 13, 2019.
Present were:  Mike Davis, Presiding Commissioner; Ben Reed, District One Commissioner; Jeff Tucker, District Two Commissioner and Kristina Crockett, County Clerk