Commission Meeting Minutes April-29-2019

April 29, 2019                                                                      5th Day                                                                       April Term
NOW ON THIS DAY THE COUNTY COMMISSION met pursuant to law in the Courthouse in the City of Lamar, MO.

  • Ben Reed moved to accept the minutes of the April 22, 2019 meeting as read. Jeff Tucker seconded and all agreed.
  • Approved April Expenditures
  • Approved Auctioneer License – Doyle E Wallace, Wallace Consignment Auction
  • County Commission met with Tonya Potter, Dispatch Director, and got an update on dispatch and also discussed comp time hours. It was decided that for the next two pay periods comp time for dispatchers would be considered overtime. This is due to being short one dispatcher and the others working 12 hour days. They will be paid for overtime hours worked instead of receiving comp hours.
  • County Commission met with Shaun Rooney, Empire, Montee Tenkley, Tenaska and Barry Alexander. They discussed road improvement. The road engineer for the Barton County Wind Energy Project will be Westwood Engineering out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They will start sometime in September 2019 with road inprovementsto Southwest and Nashville Townships.
  • County Commission met with Patti Reardon and Dustin Borland, Spire. They gave an update on the natural gas lines that were installed last week. They also discussed a town hall meeting being planned.
  • County Commission signed paperwork with Webster County and MoDot to exchange hard match for soft match funds totaling $100,000.00.
Present were:  Mike Davis, Presiding Commissioner; Ben Reed, District One Commissioner; Jeff Tucker, District Two Commissioner and Kristina Crockett, County Clerk