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Commission Meeting Minutes 12-13-21

December 13, 2021                                                             
11th Day                                                                            
October Term
NOW ON THIS DAY THE COUNTY COMMISSION met pursuant to law in the Courthouse in the City of Lamar, MO.
The Barton County Commission met and opened their meeting with the pledge of allegiance.

  • Ben Reed moved to accept the minutes of the December 6, 2021 meeting as read. Jeff Tucker seconded and all agreed.
  • Approved December Expenditures
  • Approved time sheets to be paid on Thursday, December 16, 2021.
  • County Commission met with Sheriff John Simpson, Chief Deputy Justin Ehrsam and Deputy Johnny Bray. A discussion was held on the jail and revenues for the 2022 year. They also discussed getting quotes for radios.
  • Bids were let for single audit services. Bids will be opened January 3, 2022.
  • 2022 Annual Bids were opened: 
    • Six sack mix of concrete-one bid was received from G&H Concrete.
    • Grade 60 Bendable Rebar-one bid was received from Viebrock Sales LLC.
    • Concrete Culverts-no bids were received.
    • Metal Culverts-one bid was received from Metal Culverts, Jefferson City, MO.
    • Crane Work-one bid was received from Rawlings Crane & Fabrication.
    • Dozer Work-no bids were received.
    • Backhoe Work-one bid was received from Lathrop Excavating.
    • Pre-cast Slab Bridges-one bid was received from Oden Enterprises.
    • Bulk Off-Road Diesel Fuel-no bids were received.
    • Rock-no bids were received.
    • Propane-no bids were received.
    • All of the bids that were received were accepted.
  • County Commission traveled to NW 45th Ln to do a semi-final inspection on BRO-B006 (21)
  • Information was received from Dispatch Director Tina Byers that Sue Casey had resigned her position as dispatcher. Her last day will be December 22, 2021. Also that Cameron Blake Lovan needed to be removed from payroll.
  • County Commission met with Dispatch Director Tina Byers and discussed problems hiring dispatchers.
  • Discussed, via phone with Tom Ryan, the purchase of a generator for the repeater located in Liberal.
Present were:  Mike Davis, Presiding Commissioner; Ben Reed, District One Commissioner; Jeff Tucker, District Two Commissioner and Kristina Crockett, County Clerk


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