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AuBurn Pharmacy - COVID-19 Vaccinations and COVID Testing Services

Eileen Burns, Director of Marketing
AuBurn Pharmacy
(785) 448-3600

AuBurn Pharmacy - COVID-19 Vaccinations and COVID Testing Services
AuBurn Pharmacy is prepared to bring the COVID-19 Vaccines to Kansas and Missouri residents.

AuBurn Pharmacy announced today that they have been working diligently in the communities they serve in both Kansas & Missouri to be one of the initial providers of the COVID-19 vaccine once it is released for administration by pharmacies in the United States. AuBurn is already offering COVID virus and antibody testing services.

From the official announcement of the pandemic in March 2020, our corporate and local leadership has been leading our industry, addressing needs and solutions for COVID-19 management.  When hand sanitizer was unavailable, we manufactured our own to meet the needs of our communities and long-term care partners. From early discussions of vaccine, AuBurn has been preparing to again be the frontline providers.  We are certified and approved to test for the COVID virus, antibodies, and administer the vaccine. While we have not been notified of any shipment dates, we stand ready to receive the vaccine and begin administration,” said Mike Burns, Owner and CEO of AuBurn Pharmacy. 

The vaccine will be administered in Phases set forth by the federal government. AuBurn Pharmacy will be ready to administer those vaccinations as soon as the green light is given. AuBurn Pharmacy has already purchased the medical freezers and dry ice required for storing the vaccine and has protocols in place for both receiving and administering it.  All AuBurn employees have been trained and are ready to begin serving those patients requesting the COVID-19 vaccination the day it becomes available at their pharmacies. With over 28 locations, AuBurn Pharmacy will be able to provide a substantial number of vaccinations for customers in both Kansas & Missouri. 

All AuBurn locations in Kansas offer COVID virus testing by appointment for no charge now through the end of January. “These COVID virus tests are free of charge through a KDHE program until the end of January.  It is unknown if the program will be extended into February, but if it is, AuBurn will continue with the program,” stated Chelsea Doherty, Director of Retail Operations. 

She added, “The COVID antibody tests are available in all of our locations in Kansas and Missouri. There is a $30 fee and results take only 15 minutes. No appointment is necessary.” Anyone with questions about either COVID test should contact an AuBurn pharmacist at their local AuBurn Pharmacy.  For a list of locations, visit our website at 

To keep our communities informed, AuBurn Pharmacy has set up a service in which, important notifications, and vaccine availability dates will be distributed instantly through email notifications. You can sign up at 

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